Mental Health Awareness

Break the Mental Health Stigma this Month

Growing up, were you taught to take care of your physical health? Yes, probably!

Growing up, were you taught to take care of your mental health? Highly unlikely!

In a recent Amare Survey, we found that only 13% of people were educated on ways to manage their mental health as they were growing up. We’re on a mission to change that, and we need your help.

This Mental Health Month, take a moment to honor your mental wellness and take care of your body AND mind. Then, spread the word and share Amare with others.

Tips for Better Mental Health:

  • Focus on a healthy lifestyle by incorporating daily exercise, all-natural supplements and good eating habits.
  • Get into a good work-life balance rhythm — don’t run yourself down with stress!
  • Laugh a bit more and find humor in the things around you.
  • Consider getting a pet (if you can) — they can help improve your quality of life.
  • Meditate daily to connect with your body and mind more often.
Amare Mental Wellness Toolkit

Want more tips?

Check out our Mental Wellness Toolkit for even more resources on mental wellness!

Remember to take all-natural, daily supplements to help improve your mental and physical health. Click here to find the ones that work best for you.

Amare Global Project b3 Pack

Group Project b3 for Mental Health

In support of this year’s Mental Health Month theme, #4Mind4Body, we’re having a Group Project b3 event! The host for this special initiative will be our Chief Science Officer, Dr. Shawn Talbott.

Project b3 is a program that focuses on the body, brain and biome to optimize one’s mental wellness and physical health. This innovative program provides effective tips and techniques to help create a healthier, happier you!*

Group Project b3 will take place via Facebook. Starting today, Dr. Shawn will be holding live Project b3 sessions via Zoom and streaming to Facebook Live in the Project b3 Facebook Group. These sessions will run every Wednesday night at 6 p.m. PST through the end of June (eight weeks total).

Group Project b3 schedule:

May 1: Session 1 (Week 0) — Overview
May 8: Session 2 (Week 1) — Body/Brain/Biome
May 15: Session 3 (Week 2) — Supplementation
May 22: Session 4 (Week 3) — Exercise
May 29: Session 5 (Week 4) — Nutrition
June 5: Session 6 (Week 5) — Stress/Sleep
June 12: Session 7 (Week 6) — Evaluation
June 19: Session 8 (Week 7) — Open Discussion
June 26: Session 9 (Week 8) — Review and Summary

For more information, join our Project b3 Facebook Group.

Amare Global Project b3 Social Media

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