Feeling stressed? We all experience it – work, life changes, school, traumatic events – are stressful. To make matters worse, stress itself can make you sick. Excessive stress can take its toll both mentally and physically. But before you stress about being stressed, there are some steps you can take to manage your stress and increase your overall happiness and well-being.


The Mental Wellness Consequences


In response to stress, your body releases chemicals that cause you to breathe faster, your muscles to tense up, and your heart rate to increase. This “fight or flight” response can be beneficial in instances of survival or when you need to perform, such as during a test or new job. However, with long-term stress, these life-saving responses can have a negative effect and lead to sadness, anger, and anxiety.


higher risk of developing depression due to work-related stress.


U.S. employees miss work each day due to workplace stress.

9 - 17

additional years added to chromosome age due to stress.

One study showed that individuals who took a stress management class after surviving a heart attack, lowered the risk of a second cardiac event by 74%.


Other benefits of less stress include a stronger immune system, improved mood, and greater mental and physical energy.

Ways to Manage Stress

Be Mindful –
practice meditation, yoga, gratitude, and mindful breathing

Sleep More –
quality sleep improves mood and mental function

Exercise –
regular physical activity reduces anxiety, stress, and feelings of depression

Eat Healthy –
the better food you eat the better you feel mentally and physically

Write –
journaling how you feel can help you keep track of emotions and identify stressors

Do Something You Enjoy –
try a hobby, chat with a friend, play with a pet, or volunteer

Feel Your Best - Choose Happiness


Decrease in feelings of anger*


Decrease in feelings of sadness*


Reduction of stress-related symptoms*



Reduces feelings of negativity and stress*

Promotes a calming, relaxing state of mind*

Supports natural serotonin & dopamine
production for enhanced mood benefits*

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