It takes a multi-faceted approach to be holistically well. Hopefully, you’re keeping consistent with your products for optimal immune support, but don’t forget that programs are another great way to stay healthy.

Exercising, eating well, and being mindful are all effective methods of lowering stress, keeping well, and caring for yourself. Now more than ever it’s important to show yourself (and others!) some love.

“It’s so fitting that with the circumstances in the world and what is going on, that we love.

We love ourselves, we love others,

but most importantly we love unconditionally.”

– Hiep Tran

By focusing our intention on love we radiate more of it out into the world. Please utilize this short meditation during these uncertain times. Practice it with your family, on video calls, or by yourself to help calm your nervous system and refocus. Share it with others and send love out to everyone you know.

This is the Amare Meditation, we are here for you.

This is just one piece of the mental, physical, and financial wellness programs Amare has been developing. Keep an eye out for more programs coming soon!

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