Amare launches a new charity program called Round Up For Love.

Love is one of Amare’s most important core values. We make it our mission to apply this core value through every facet of our company. This year we wanted to reach further and elevate what it means to share the love by creating this new charity program, Round Up For Love.

To kick off this program, we’ve chosen to partner with The Children’s Center. The Children’s Center’s mission is to provide comprehensive mental health care to enhance the emotional well-being of infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and their families.

The Children’s Center is a highly-respected nonprofit organization providing comprehensive mental health care to children and their families across the socioeconomic spectrum. As recognized experts in treatment related to childhood trauma for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers; their expertise is sought after by professionals throughout the nation. They offer a range of services based upon the mental health needs of each child and family, including outpatient family and group therapy, and therapeutic preschool services. They are committed to excellence and strive for best-in-class.

Check out this special message from The Children’s Center’s President and CEO, Rebecca Dutson:

To learn more about The Children’s Center, check out the video below:

How does the Round Up For Love Program work?

For every first order from new Customers and Partners, Amare will automatically round up their order to make a donation to The Children’s Center. This is at no additional cost to the new Customer or Partner. The difference for the rounded-up amount will be paid out on behalf of Amare.

Existing Customers and Partners have the opportunity to opt in to this program and round up their order to support The Children’s Center on their next order within the checkout process. This donation will be made on behalf of the existing Customer or Partner.