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Dear Amare Community,

We have some good news to share with you. We continue to achieve record-breaking month after record-breaking month, setting new records in May & June for total revenue and new enrollments! We see this as a testament to the fact that our holistic mental wellness platform of products, programs, and people is needed NOW more than ever before!

As The Mental Wellness Company®, 2020 has deepened our resolve and commitment to disrupt the status quo and lead the global mental wellness revolution. Our results show that we are on the right path!

Continuing to Lead & Grow

Our pivot to virtual events such as Amare Live and the online Mental Wellness Conference has empowered our community to reach more people than ever before. We look forward to our Virtual Heart2Heart Mental Wellness Symposium Sept 25-26 and plan for more virtual summits similar to the Mental Wellness Conference.

In our prior corporate update, we announced a partnership with Feed the Children to meet hunger needs exasperated by financial problems from COVID-19. We’re proud to announce that our contribution amount was able to feed nearly 400 children for a full month! Two of our core values, love, and service, were top of mind in this effort.

We believe that financial wellness is a huge part of mental wellness. The past few months have disrupted the finances of millions of families. Many industries, businesses, and jobs have been put on pause indefinitely. Some may never return. However, in disruption, there is opportunity! Our financial wellness opportunity is a modern and purposeful financial vehicle that is not impacted by any stay-at-home orders!

This month, we announced a new Rank Advancement Promotion for our Wellness Partners. There are up to $50,000 in bonuses available for each Wellness Partner in addition to the commissions earned from the Amare Compensation Plan! This incentive launched in July and will run through December 2021.

Operating & Prepared

As supply-chain issues continue to impact the economy, we are grateful to continue to provide a positive update in our business operations:

  • Products continue to ship on time, with limited cases of short shipping delays due to carriers facing high volumes of online orders across the country. All carriers continue to update us on their enhanced cleaning & sanitization procedures they have put into action across the supply chain.
  • Finance and commissions payments are on schedule.
  • Our corporate team is continuing to primarily work from home, with some limited staff at our headquarters in Irvine, CA.
  • Virtual events on Zoom have been well-attended, attracting hundreds of new people to Amare while invigorating and serving our existing community.
  • We announced an extension of our primary promotions & incentives through September 2020. The promotions are working. This 3-month extension provides clarity & stability for our Wellness Partners in the coming months.

Building Momentum for the Future

Now is the time for us all to double-down and go all-in together! We are building the largest mental wellness company in the world. Our work-from-home financial opportunity can meet financial wellness needs for families in these unprecedented times. Our products support stress resilience, pressure management, and immune system priming. Our people (all of you!) embody our core values of Love, Integrity, Innovation, Service, and Humility!

The momentum is beginning to bubble-up. We are poised for exponential growth! That is exciting! It means we are on the right track to achieving our vision of reaching over 1 billion lives! Thank you for all that each of you are doing, we are grateful to be on this journey with you.


Hiep Tran (image)

Hiep Tran

Founder & CEO