Dr. Talbott on Dr. Nandi Show (image)

Change Your Microbiome Change Your Genes

Amare’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Shawn Talbott made a special appearance on The Dr. Nandi Show with Partha Nandi, MD to talk about how you can optimize your gut microbiome with the award-winning Amare Fundamentals Pack to improve both your mental and physical wellness.

Dr. Talbott, discusses the new science around the gut-brain access and how you can use a holistic approach of good food, lifestyle programs, and targeted supplements to optimize you gut microbiome and even create epigenetic changes — increasing stress resilience, boosting your mood, even turning your genes on and off.

Watch the segment below to find out more:

“Dr. Shawn Talbott is a nutritionist who knows a thing or two about how what we put in our mouths affects what’s going on in our stomachs and ultimately our intestines. We talk about the difference between eating something that tastes good and eating something that’s good for you.”

Manage Your Microbiome:

Supplement Support:

Interested in the targeted probiotics supplements Dr. Talbott mentions on the show? Check out the Amare FundaMentals Pack for complete gut, brain, and immune support to optimize your gut microbiome and keep you feeling your best!*

Lifestyle Programs:

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Lifestyle Programs are a key piece of holistic wellness. Smart lifestyle choices work synergistically with products to elevate your mental wellness and keep you feeling your best.*

Check out these videos for fun easy ways to eat well, move well, and feel well.*

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