Environmentally-Friendly Packaging Now Available

Amare Packaging is Going Eco-Friendly!

Did you know that we’re now offering environmentally-friendly packaging for our Amare FundaMentals, Core, Family and Project b3 Packs? It’s true and we’re so excited to share this new option with you all! At Amare, we’re always looking for ways to make our community a better place for future generations, and this step is the first of many.

How Our Environmentally-Friendly Packaging Works

Your first Amare FundaMentals Pack order will come with a box as is, but on your second order (and on recurring orders going forward), the box will not be included to hold the MentaBiotics, MentaFocus and MentaSync bottles. Those three items will be shipped in a standard shipper box, without the second “branded” box for the Amare FundaMentals Pack.

Your first Project b3 Pack order will come with a branded, designed box, but further orders will not include that box, just a shipper box. This new process reduces waste and minimizes the environmental impact.

For those of you who still prefer a branded box, you can choose to receive it in your order. Just log in to your account, access your Subscribe & Save manager, and uncheck the box that states environmentally-friendly shipping. Make sure to do this for each Subscribe & Save order you want a box for.

Have any questions about this new update? Feel free to contact Customer Experience at 888.898.8551 or support@amare.com.