A new beginning in mental wellness starts with a healthy microbiome. The first step is ridding your body of the imbalances in gut bacteria that can be the source of digestive problems, unbalanced inflammation, and nagging mental wellness issues such as fatigue, tension, and depressed mood. “We are what we eat” is being confirmed more and more by modern scientific research.


A Dangerous Diet

Nutrition affects your WHOLE BODY

A poor diet can lead to…
physical problems – heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, mental wellness problems – focus, tension, & depressed mood


of Americans eat more sodium than is recommended for a healthy diet.

~1 in 4

Americans have some type of mental illness each year.


increase in the risk of depression among teens with the poorest eating habits.

It All Starts in Your Gut

Did you know that we have ~100 trillion microorganisms across more than 10,000 different species (Microbiota) in our GI tract? Compare that to our ~10 trillion human body cells and we are only 10% human! These microorganisms in our gut produce as much as 60%-90% of neurotransmitters involved in mental wellness, including dopamine and serotonin.

oh my!

A good diet can lead to…
A healthy gut starts with the right nutrients and a healthy balance of probiotics, prebiotics, and phytobiotics in your diet. Good nutrition can increase both your physical and mental wellness.


Probiotic foods contain live “good bacteria” which support mental wellness
and aid digestion.

Examples: yogurt, kefir, probiotic supplements


Prebiotic foods contain fibers and carbohydrates that can be fermented and digested by gut bacteria to serve as a fuel source and encourage growth of beneficial bacteria.

Examples: asparagus, bananas, garlic, prebiotic supplements


Phytobiotic foods are rich in flavonoids which protect good bacteria and establish a hospitable environment for the growth of good and displacement of bad bacteria.

Examples: apples, grapes, dark chocolate, berries


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