June is Men’s Health Month

Celebrated nationally each June, Men’s Health Month helps raise awareness and educate on the importance of men’s health.

It’s important to consider men’s health from a holistic perspective. Focusing narrowly on only certain aspects of wellbeing can lead to unbalance and deficiencies that present themselves, mentally, physically, and financially.

Mental Health:

Depression, anxiety, and stress affect a large number of men. However, men are often less likely to recognize symptoms, seek emotional support, or pursue treatment.

Physical Health:

Did you know…

  • 34% of men report feeling stressed and under pressure
  • 87% of rough sleepers are men
  • 33% of men over age 20 have hypertension
  • On average, men’s lifespans are 5 years shorter than women

Despite this, men see the doctor only half as often as women.

 Financial Health:

Often overlooked financial health is a key factor in both mental and physical wellness.

Poor financial health can:

  • Lead to higher blood pressure, digestive issues, and disrupted sleep
  • Create stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Lead to unhealthy coping behaviors such as overeating, drinking or drug use.

Plus, these physical effects often go untreated as those suffering from financial hardship are less financially able or willing to visit a doctor.

So, what can we do?

This month provides an opportunity for continued education, resources, and encouragement for men to care for themselves holistically: mentally, physically, and financially. Holistic wellness takes a holistic lifestyle. It takes products, programs, and people.


MentaHeart (image)

MentaHeart – A good heart health supplement is key. Formulated with a range of cutting edge nutrients to not just improve heart efficiency, but improve overall heart health, MentaHeart is a great option for supporting normal blood pressure and cholesterol.*


Relief+ — Keeping physically active is important but can be tough for those experiencing pain. Help reduce pain, cartilage damage, and overall inflammation naturally with Turmeric and Boswellia.


Sleep+ — With the majority of men struggling to get a good night’s sleep consider a non-addictive alternative to common sleep aids. Sleep+ features corn grass which encourages the body’s natural production of melatonin.*


Amare Financial Wellness Program:

Having a side hustle is more important than ever. A diverse income stream allows for increased stability, possibility, and freedom. Working from home, or starting your own business are good ways you can decrease your financial stress and increase your peace of mind.

Mental Wellness Diet

Filling your plate with the right foods can not only make you healthier but also happier! The foods you eat affect everything from your waistline and your mood. Try implementing some small changes into your eating for long-term mental and physical health. Learn More



Spend time with friends and loved ones —

Having a community to connect with is so important for health. Friendships have been shown to extend your life, lower blood pressure, keep your mind sharp, and provide emotional support. When you can’t see those you care about face to face, try out one of these fun options:

Now is the time to care for your health, yourself, and those men in your life!

* These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.