Amare GBX Protein (image)

Plant-based foods are on the rise in both demand & quality. Eating more plants and less meat has been shown to provide a wide range of health benefits from a lower BMI to healthier heart — and people are starting to take notice! It’s become a national conversation. The plant-based foods industry is booming. In just the past year, retail sales grew 11.3% in the U.S. This increase is just one indicator that people are looking for animal-based food alternatives. A report from Nestlé shows that 87% of Americans, both vegans and meat-eaters, are using more plant-based protein in their diets.

Amare’s specialized blend, GBX Protein is smooth (not gritty!) and flavorful, unlike some other protein blends on the market.

Watch this video clip to hear Dr. Shawn Talbott, explain how you can use our great-tasting GBX Protein to stay full longer:

With its plant-based, microbiome support, GBX Protein is perfectly positioned at the cross-section of three nationally trending topics: mental wellness, gut health, and plant-based diets.


What makes GBX Protein so effective? It’s unique blend of key ingredients are clinically shown to improve microbiome balance, help control appetite and increase energy.*

Amare Microbiome-Boosting Protein Blend

GBX Protein delivers 17 grams of pure plant protein. This unique chickpea, brown rice and pea protein blend helps control appetite and maintain muscle mass, while nourishing good gut bacteria and improving microbiome balance.*

Fully-loaded with only functional ingredients, this potent formula supports the gut microbiome, helping fuel a healthy lifestyle.*