The gut health industry is skyrocketing

and people are starting to take notice. Words like “microbiome” that would’ve been unheard of 10 years ago are making their way into the mainstream vernacular. As more attention, supplements, and start-ups come into the market, it’s becoming clear that the general public is just now realizing what Amare has known for a while: we’re on to something BIG.

The recent investment issue of Forbes Magazine spotlighted the gut microbiome and its potential health applications as an up-and-coming trend:

gut-brain-heart axis (image)

“[A] growing body of scientific research over the last 15 years has highlighted the crucial role the microbiome plays in human health. That new understanding could lead to breakthrough treatments for· a huge range of illnesses, from obvious ones like digestive ailments and food allergies to surprising ones like cancer and autism.”

“Various kinds of gut bacteria appear to stimulate or suppress immune responses in the body, while others seem to fight off disease-causing microbes.”

Beyond the health benefits,

Forbes is quick to point out the financial benefits of early adopters:

“A groundswell of cutting-edge research has the potential to deliver a burst of new therapies that will vastly reduce human suffering-and generate huge paydays for the field’s pioneers.”

With so much potential, gut-bacteria innovation is on the cusp of delivering massive financial returns: “The science is turning … these biotech companies will be worth not hundreds of millions of dollars, but billions

Business-savy investors know that now is their chance to get in on the ground floor.

“Techie billionaires including Bill Gates, Salesforce founder Marc Benioff and Silicon Valley venture capitalist Vinod Khosla are funding microbiome startups.”

Massive Financial Opportunity

Investing in this life-changing opportunity isn’t limited to billionaires. Amare Global’s Founder, Hiep Tran, is bringing it to the masses. With innovative microbiome supplements already on the market, Amare is ahead of the game, using this cutting-edge science to improve people’s lives. And Amare’s benefits aren’t just physical. Those looking to invest can partner with the company and to help others from the comfort of their homes, while maximizing their income from this growing field.

The timing has never been better. The microbiome’s potential is vast and now is the moment to buy-in.

Learn More:

Adams, Susan. Yakowicz, Will. “Trust Your Gut.” Forbes Mar. 2020: 92-97. Print.