B3 is a simple wellness program created by our Chief Science Officer Dr. Shawn Talbott’s passion for everyone to live a healthier, happier life. This innovative program is going to be a game-changer! Check out the firsthand testimonials below to see what Wellness Partners are saying about Project b3.

“Project b3 is an incredible way to pave the road to ANY personal transformation. For me, I started before New Year’s. You know, that ONE day we decide to elevate everything in our life and set new goals with basically no ‘how to plan’ or prepping. Project b3 is the key to solidifying these new goals into habits. There is a creative and engaging community willing to share recipes, fitness tips, testimonials and encouragement. All of that coupled with Dr. Shawn’s knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm, it makes for an ideal system. With Dr. Shawn’s commitment to the group, along with his teachings, trainings and seminars, you feel like you have a personal health guru right next to you every step of the way! For me, it’s all about “leaning in” and that is what Project b3 reinforced. The process strengthened my habits and gave me a renewed commitment to improving my brain, body and biome — not to mention a few more friends! The group inspired me to continue on this health journey. It was empowering not imprisoning, and I’m glad I jumped in and started! If you’re waiting for that “perfect time,” your wait is over. Welcome to Project b3, my friends!”

– Kim S.

“My appetite has definitely changed. I don’t want as much food, nor do I want it as often. It is amazing!”

-Courtney B.

“Desperate for more sleep, going through post-partum weight loss and wanting an end to exhaustion, I joined the Project b3 pilot program. I’ve gotten all of that resolved and so much more. Within a week, I started feeling different and two months in, I feel like a new me. I’m more patient, more calm, the weight is coming off (without any huge changes to my diet), and I’m actually sleeping through the night. I’ve come out of a brain fog I didn’t even know I had! The last two years, I’d fallen into a shell of my original self and I finally feel whole again — something I didn’t think was possible.”

-Caitlin M.

“I’ve been studying nutrition and have worked as a health coach for well over a decade and thought I knew a lot about gut health. But Project b3 took things to a whole new level! This program not only expanded my knowledge about the gut brain connection and microbiome and its impact on all areas of your health, it also equipped me with new ideas for food, fitness, sleep and stress management. I feel more energized, clear-headed and empowered. As a health professional, I’m so excited to share this program with everyone I know and see the ripple effect spread.”

-Jen M.