New 2018 Special Announcements

Six New Products — Available Now!

We’re adding six new products to our current lines, and we couldn’t be more excited! Our new products include GBX Protein™, GBX SuperFood™, GBX SeedFiber™, Kids VitaGBX™, Kids FundaMentals™ and MentaBiotics™ Sugar Free!

NOTE: New product orders will be shipped out beginning Monday, Sept. 24.

New Product Packs and System!

Family Wellness Pack — NEW!

Now including both Amare Kids™ products, take care of yourself and the ones you love with the ultimate Family Wellness Pack.*


(2) MentaBiotics, (2) MentaFocus, (2) MentaSync, (2) VitaGBX, (1) Kids FundaMentals and (1) Kids VitaGBX

Launch Pack — NEW!

Now featuring all 18 of Amare’s products including the all new GBX Foods™ and Amare Kids™ product lines, plus 30 samples. Quick start your path to health and success with Amare’s Launch Pack.*


(2) MentaBiotics, (2) MentaFocus, (2) MentaSync, (2) Reboot+, (1) Energy+, (1) Mood+, (1) Relief+, (1) Sleep+, (1) Digestive, (1) VitaGBX, (1) OmMEGA, (1) Probiotics, (1) GBX Protein Vanilla, (1) GBX Protein Chocolate, (1) GBX SuperFood, (1) GBX SeedFiber, (1) Kids FundaMentals and (1) Kids VitaGBX

Kids FundaMentals™ 2-Pack — NEW!

All-in-one gut-brain axis nutrition for kids and teens.*


(2) Kids FundaMentals

GBX Foods System (image)

GBX Foods™ System — NEW!

GBX Foods System helps round out your daily nutrition, while providing additional gut-brain axis support.*


(1) GBX Protein — Vanilla or Chocolate, (1) GBX SuperFood and (1) GBX SeedFiber

Double Bundle & Save for Extra Savings!

You’ve been asking, and we have been listening! Double Bundle & Save is HERE! Add an additional product pack on Subscribe & Save to unlock three additional Bundle & Save slots — a total of six items at up to 54% off!*

*Select items only. See website for full details.

Mood+ Samples Now Available!

Now available as part of the ASAP Action Plan, Mood+ Samples are now available so that you can share your love for Amare with others. Our sampling program can help jump-start your business ASAP! Join Pat Hintze and Mike Brown for a special Mood+ Sampling kick-off call on Monday, September 24, at 6 p.m. PST/8 p.m. CST.

All WPs will receive FREE Mood+ Sample Credits on Monday night — don’t miss the call!

Subscribe & Save Rewards for FREE Products!

The Amare Subscribe & Save Rewards program was created to show just how much we appreciate all of you — our Preferred Customers and Wellness Partners!

You can now enjoy even more benefits with Subscribe & Save Rewards (SSR)! This is our way of saying “thank you” to all of you for your loyalty and commitment. As you order Amare products through the Subscribe & Save program, not only do you save on those purchases, but you’ll also earn Rewards Points that can be redeemed to purchase additional Amare products. The best part? The longer you participate, the more Points you’ll earn!

New Rise to Servant Leader Program!

Invest in your future with our new “Rise to Servant Leader” program. This program focuses on rank advancement and includes additional rewards for achieving and maintaining new ranks. Just reach the rank of Bronze (or above), within your first 90 days and you automatically qualify for this amazing program!

Incentive Trip Location Revealed…

Our next Incentive Trip destination has been revealed. We’ll see you in 2019 in beautiful Playa Conchal, Costa Rica! The Qualification period has already started, so start raking up those Trip Points today!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Tracy Carlton
Tracy Carlton
2 years ago

I am SOOO excited!!! I’m ordering tonight!

David Kaylor
David Kaylor
2 years ago

Wow. This incredible! New products. 25% off! And Costs Rica! I’m definitely shooting for this trip. Who’s coming with me? 🙂

Deanna Vavrinec
Deanna Vavrinec
2 years ago

Can I send samples from my back office? I’m fine doing it from my phone but one of my wellness partners has a phone that is old and doesn’t support he app. Thanks in advance for your help.

Christine Allen
Christine Allen
2 years ago

I attended your meeting with Todd and Pat they were superb in the introduction of your new products, the need is so great for your expertise in this market.

Chrissy M. Finley
Chrissy M. Finley
2 years ago

I received an email about ordering sample products and that I have some credits towards this, can you please
advise how I find this in the back office and how I can use the credits and place order for the samples?
I received the email on September 29th, 2018 and advised I have 15 days to use.

Thank you,
Chrissy M. Finley